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Posted by on Oct 14, 2012 in Inspirational | 0 comments

Invest in your talents


There was a lonely old man who had lot of money. He was too old that he could not multiply his wealth anymore by himself as he had done all along. As he did not have a family or relations, he thought about an idea to pass on his wealth to someone who had worked for him, but only after they pass his test. He picked up three of his servants, and gave them 1million dollars each, told them that he is going away to a far place and will return after 2 years.

Two of the servants were very smart, hardworking, ambitious and were very honest. They wanted to do their best for their master and invested (put into use)the money through various avenues after careful thinking and planning and in the process multiplying the money. The third servant thought it would be apt if he just kept the money safe and returned it to his master when he comes back.

After two years, the old man came back and called his servants to know about how they handled his money. He was glad to see two of his servants to have put his money into use and grown it. He congragulated them and provided them with a share in his business. He found the third servant to be unworthy and useless. He took the money from the lazy servant and gave it to the other two servants. If you dont have an ambition, whatever you have too will be lost. True, isnt it?

The above story illustrates us a few interesting thoughts. First, it signifies the importance of putting our talents into use. All of us have many talents hidden inside, but we are too lazy to dig them out and settle for lesser things in life. The two servants in the story knew the importance of adding value to their master by using their talents to multiply his money and thus received much more fortune. The third servant is of the type who likes to play it safe. Remember a saying “No risk, No gain”. It is very much true. If we dont take calculated risks and make use of our talents, we would even lose what we have as in the case of the third servant.

God has blessed each of us with unique talents. We need to spend time to discover them. Once they are discovered, we need to take efforts to put them into use. We need to put our thoughts and have faith in the almighty while putting our talents into use. In the process, if needed we may have to take a few risks. If we look at the successful people around the world, the would have taken a few risks in the process of using their talents to build fame and fortune.

Discovering our talents(what we are good at), carefully planning what to be done with them, tirelessly working towards acheiving the goals will make us successful in our lives. We need to always keep in mind that we need to bring profits to those whom we are working for, and that can be acheived only by investing in our talents, sharpening them and using them at the right time.

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