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Posted by on Jan 24, 2014 in Personality Development | 0 comments

Steps to overcome shyness

overcome shyness

  • Are you not able to look straight into the eyes of others while speaking with them?
  • Do you always look down or sideways rather than looking straight while walking?
  • Do you find it uncomfortable to stand in front of a gathering or walk towards a group of people?
  • Do you find it difficult to greet your neighbors and people who are less known to you?
  • Do you find it difficult to entertain guests at home?
  • Are you nervous to speak up when needed, even in places like banks, restaurants etc?
  • Is it difficult for you to pose for photographs?

If the answer to the above questions are “Yes”, then you have a task at hand, that is to overcome shyness and here are a few practical steps to help you overcome your shyness

In order to succeed in today’s world, we need to have a good personality. Soft skills play a major role in our personal and professional development. The first step towards this is to overcome a parasite known as “Shyness”.

There are so many reasons for being shy, let us not get into that as it is not the objective of this post. But, the good news is that with some constant effort, shyness can be overcome. Here are some of the practical steps to overcome shyness.

Shyness triggers

Identify the situations, places or events where you feel very uncomfortable to be present. Do you find it jittery to give a presentation to your colleagues? or do you feel anxious about attending a social gathering or a party thrown by a friend?. There are some who don’t get sleep if they have to face an interview the following day. As we can see, there could be numerous triggers to be anxious and thereby triggering shyness. Identifying these triggers is the first step in this exercise. Writing them down would help a lot, as we could see something concrete and evident

Negative self image

If you don’t have a feel good factor about yourself, then you are prone to be shy. It could include improving your communication skills, being in the right shape physically, having a good self esteem, improving your body language etc. Take conscious efforts to improve each of these areas to boost your self image. Remember, if you feel good about yourself, then you will be bold.

Over consciousness

Have you ever thought that everyone’s eyes are on you while walking through the streets or in a meeting? If this is the case, then it is very obvious that we will be too conscious about our self and try to be artificial. This easily triggers shyness. Always, remember that everyone have their own things to do, and their own things to take care. You would be the last thing in their thoughts, and hence never loose your natural being for the sake of others.

Try to follow these simple steps in your day to day life

1. Start to voluntarily go and introduce yourself to people whom you don’t know. Don’t wait for them to come to you. You may strike some good fortune if you can break the ice first.

2.Learn a new skill, develop a new hobby and thereby improving your confidence

3.Volunteer to lead an activity or a trip as this gives an opportunity to talk to a lot of people

4.Start attending lot of social gatherings and seminars

5. Start reading books as you will unearth lot of wisdom.

6. Fix your identity on God and not on people. This is very important. If you see yourself under the care of God, then you will immediately be bold and confident

I encourage you to practice these steps and see the change in your lives. It all doesn’t happen over night. Give it some time, and you should see the results.

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