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Posted by on Jan 31, 2015 in Health & Fitness | 0 comments

The bulge of the waist and how to overcome it

There are a fortunate few who can eat a truck load of food, and still can avoid the dreaded bulge, and there are others who add pounds to their body even if they are conscious and eat with care. I don’t know to which category you belong, but I belong to the later category. There was a time in my life when I weighed a whopping 100 kgs, and found it very difficult to even walk a less distance.

Those were days when I never bothered about what I ate. I used to eat, not to satisfy my hunger but to satisfy my lusting appetite. They say that there is a “thin difference between need and splurge”. I used to splurge on food. I was very much fond of the street food, especially the roadside fried rice and chilly chicken. I used to devour two full portions all by myself. One day, a friend of mine, made me feel embarrassed, because of my weight. He said there is only one life, and “you should make sure you look neat and appealing to make the most out of it”.

These words really went into my heart. I started realizing the need of having a proper body structure to make sure I am healthy, and only then I could really be human, as there is a big difference in the way animals and humans eat (by the way I am speaking about weight gain due to poor and impulsive eating, and not related to hormonal or medical conditions). I wanted to become slim, and started exercising, which included joining some of the best gyms in Chennai, combined with regular walking, and paying moderate attention on the food intake.

Within a year, I could reduce my weight to 84 kgs, and I looked healthier. I was stuck at 84 kgs for another year, and found it very difficult to break through that plateau. I was determined to reduce it, and reduced my food intake further, and increased my exercise to 3 hours per day. This yielded great results and my weight dropped to 79 kgs. I felt very energetic, and was very happy.

I could not maintain this for a long time, as I am very poor in terms of discipline and planning. This increased the weight to 86 then to 90, and I am weighing close to 87 now. I was highly frustrated about it, and wanted to see why I am not able to maintain my weight consistently. I analysed it very seriously and found that though I had reduced my intake on the main course food (breakfast, lunch and dinner), I had increased my munching of snacks, especially in the night. I also found that I had gone down on exercising due to laziness and sheer negligence on weight control, thinking that it will not increase. I was thinking that I was looking perfectly in shape, until the weighing machine showed my pathetic state.

Here are a few things that I learnt along this journey.

1. Gyms won’t help much if you are not disciplined in eating. I have worked out for hours, and found that the weight never came down, as I used to compensate the workout by eating more, thinking that since I have exercised well, I can eat whatever I want.

2. Regular walking or moderate jogging (running if your body allows it) for at least 40 minutes per day works wonders

3. The 40 minutes can be divided even as 15 mins in the morning, 15 mins in the mid day, and 15 mins before bed

4. I used to walk inside my hall back and forth (This is a very good technique that I would suggest, as you could even watch TV, or listen to some inspiring songs or messages along the way), moreover, you could do this whenever you want. This could very well be an alternative to treadmill.

5. Walk as much as you can. Keep the body moving. If you are talking over mobile phone, keep walking and talk.

6. Eat your breakfast properly, followed by a good lunch. Have the dinner very light. There is a trick to have a light dinner. You can eat some light food around 6 or 7 pm, and thereby you wont be forced to eat a lot during the night.

7. Keep a check on what you eat, especially during family functions and festivals.

8. Try to have people who look slim around you, and they will motivate you to the core.

9. Have the urge to look slim, good and healthy

10. Sports is another helpful factor. You could play shuttle, volley ball, or go for a swim.

11. Those of you who have kids, spend time in physical activities with them

12. Drink plenty of water as it will control hunger

13. Indulge in pizza, ice cream, chocolates or briyani once in a week but take less portions, as too much restraint will lead to big craving and you know what happens after that :)

14. Take stairs whenever you have an option to take it

15. Go for a trek once in a while.

This is a long post, and thanks for the patient reading. It is very easy to put on weight, even without knowing it. Believe me, it is extremely tough to even lose 100 grams. To have a wonderful physical structure is a desire that each of should have, as it will help us to have good self esteem. Watch out on what you eat, step up the pedal with your exercise. You will see a fitter you, and you would love the sweat broken for it.

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