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Posted by on Feb 6, 2015 in Inspirational, Lifestyle, Productivity | 0 comments

10 points for a clutter free life

1. Be very open and expressive – Never keep all your emotions inside, so that they heat up and explode one day. Talk it out with somebody whom you feel comfortable and can be trusted. You can also start to express your emotions and feelings in writing, and keep it private. Writing is a great stress buster.

2. Don’t keep yourself idle and be engaged in activities – If the mind is kept unoccupied, it will become a place for all the negativeness and unnecessary garbage to be dumped. This in turn will lead to lot of stress and anxiety. Try to engage yourself with some activity like reading, writing, listening to a soul stirring music, teaching somebody, spending time with your friend, going for a walk etc. You will find yourself refreshed and satisfied.

3. Plan things well ahead – Never do anything without planning except for unscheduled emergencies. You need to have a proper plan for your bill payments, investments, purchases, travels etc. Always keep a “To do” list and maintain it up-to date.

4. Start earlier – We cannot avoid commute these days. It could be to our office, a family function, an entertainment event, dropping or picking up kids from schools etc. The heavy traffic on the roads also act against us. The key here is always plan to reach the destination 15 minutes earlier. This would relieve lot of stress while driving. You will drive in a very relaxed manner, and won’t be irritated because of road rage, or an unexpected traffic diversion etc.

5. Never worry about what others think of you, as nobody will understand what you are going through personally, and there is no point in trying to make everyone understand your situation.

6. There are lot of things in life that requires time to effect. Be patient about it. It could be a desire to reduce weight, developing a hobby, mastering a language, learning a new technology, giving up a bad habit etc. Don’t try to rush through and invite undue stress on yourself.

7. Eat proper, and never over eat – Always eat proper amount of food, and avoid the temptation of overeating. It is OK if you leave a little food out there on the plate instead of gobbling up everything only to find yourself feeling bad about that.

8. Accommodate the feelings and interests of others around you and don’t be a loner – We all live in a society and community, and that is how human beings differ from animals. We are created to live in harmony with others. Always give room for the feelings of others, enjoy speaking with people, avoid slandering, grumbling, talking at the back, being egoistic and jealous etc. These will paint you as an evil person and people won’t like to associate with you.

9. Don’t worry about things that are not in your control, and which you cannot change by yourself.

10.Never behave in a rude and harsh manner with anyone, and at the same time be stern and controlled, in places where you need to be.

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