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Posted by on Mar 3, 2015 in Health & Fitness | 0 comments

Easy way to overcome stress and anxiety

I was speaking to a young man recently about the severe stress and anxiety that he is undergoing in his life, and he was very much concerned about the medications that he was taking as per the prescription of a psychiatrist. As we were conversing, I wanted to find out the reasons that led him to this state.He narrated that he had come to Chennai for his studies, and subsequently got a job and continued to live here.

He is married and has two kids, and altogether everything was going well for him except for his fight with anxiety and stress. As our conversation went a bit further, I came to know that he had very limited friends from his college days, and finds it very difficult to mingle with people. I also understood from him that he doesn’t have any hobbies, seldom goes out, and he does nothing to keep himself equipped and occupied.

He went on to continue that even at office, he doesn’t interact with many people, and is likes to get along with very select set of people who could match his interests. I just then realized that many of us are like this, grinding on with life without truly enjoying the colors and varieties that it offers.

We all take so many things into our mind everyday. This comprises of good, bad, positive, negative, sad and so many other unexplained inputs that clutter our mind. We know that if we eat so much, and leave our bodies without proper exercise for a long period of time, we start accumulating fat and become obese. Our bodies need to be exercised in order to burn the excess food so that we remain in perfect physical shape.

In the same way, we must work out our mind by following a good plan. Our mind is stretched when we give shape to our hobbies, passions, meeting up with our friends, striking new friendships and relationships, going out to enjoy the nature, helping others to overcome their struggles, volunteering to do community services, reading books, listening to our favorite music etc

The bottom line is that excess mental food should be burnt off, and if we don’t indulge in activities to work the brain, stress, anxiety and depression would be looming large over us. Let us resolve today to kindle those childhood hobbies that we were so much interested during our younger days. If we don’t have much friends, let us go around and find some good friends who could help us to grow. Age doesn’t matter, as there are so many things on the offer for anybody to do, and keep themselves occupied. The world needs us and will we respond?

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