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Posted by on Mar 12, 2015 in Productivity | 0 comments

How to be more productive at work


1. The first and foremost thing to do is to start the day on a positive note. Make sure the time in the morning is utilized well for reading, exercising, planning etc…and thereby you get a head start on the day
2. Take efforts to reach office on time as that would give a satisfied and secure state of mind. If possible, try to reach office 15 to 20 minutes early to set the things rolling.
2. Make sure you prioritize your work with a To do list once you reach the office. It is very helpful to use an online tool which would help to maintain a to-do list. Some of the best tools available in the market are WunderList, and todoist
3. Start the day with the tasks that can be completed quickly and easily without much interaction with others. This will give you a great feeling to go ahead with the rest of the day’s activities.
4. Take a 5 to 10-minute break once in 2 hours. Use this opportunity to grab a cup of coffee and quickly meet up with someone to discuss a topic. You could choose an interesting topic, but make sure you stay away from backbiting or office gossips
5. The period of up to 2 hours after lunch is not your active part of the day. Don’t schedule any work that would require a high level of concentration during this time. Important meetings could be avoided during this time frame.
6. Avoid checking your personal emails, reading newspapers, tapping with the mobile phones to check the social media etc, as it would divert your concentration and focus. If you lose focus in between an important work, it is very difficult bring it back and the possibility of committing serious mistakes because of this is very high. You could use your breaks to get these things done.
7. Always make sure to take notes while attending meetings, and try to get all the necessary things clarified in the meetings to make sure you are not stuck at a later point of time for lack of information.
8. If you have some boring work to do, schedule a time slot for that kind of tasks. This will help to put more focus on those works too, as your mind is already prepared for that.
9. When the 3/4th of the day is over, you should be in a position to complete all your work. It is a good time to do a status check on the work items and take actions accordingly.
10. When you are leaving for the day, make sure that you have reached out to the concerned people to get the needed information to effectively start your work the next day.

Productivity is not about staying too long in office. It is about making sure that the assigned work is completed efficiently on time and with high quality. This can be achieved only through efficient planning and by enforcing the needed discipline to stick to the plan

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