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Posted by on Mar 24, 2015 in Health & Fitness | 0 comments

Why working out in gym is a better option

  1. You get variety of workouts like cardiovascular, strength training, flexibility exercises and high intensity workouts in a gym.
  2. The variety of equipments in the gym would help you overcome the boredom and monotonous feel which is associated with a single activity like running or walking. A good gym would have an array of equipments including tread mills, elliptical, bikes, stretching and strength training equipments apart from facilities like steam bath, aerobics, yoga and Pilates.
  3. There would be trainers to help you get started and guide you continuously. These trainers provide you with the much needed motivation.
  4. When you exercise in a gym, you are inspired by rubbing shoulders with some very fit people who have a well toned body; thereby you are further pepped up.
  5. Gyms provide you a weather proof environment as you don’t have to bother about sun or rain. You can work out at your convenient time.
  6. Gyms provide you with the right environment for body building. As most of the gyms have dieticians and physios in-house, you get to consult with them and chart out a customized plan that is suitable for you.
  7. The trainers and counsellors in the gym would periodically review your progress against your fitness goal. This serves as a good yardstick to measure your effort.
  8. You get to work out in a cosy and nice environment with music and television which will help you to beat the boredom.
  9. You can network with lot of people in a gym. You get to see people from various walks of life working out in the gym. You may spot a few celebrities too!
  10. The feel good factor that you get while working out in a gym is a great one to have. You can keep talking about it with your friends and boost your image!

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