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Posted by on Apr 1, 2015 in Personality Development | 1 comment

10 practical Personality development steps – Don’t miss


All of us want a great mind, body and soul and these three form the magical component in our life called “Personality”. In simple words, our personality reflects what we are and developing our personality is essential for a great life. In this article, let me illustrate to you ten easy and practical personality development steps

1. Take steps to have a great physique by making sure that you eat right and exercise well. Having a good physical structure not only gives you a good appearance and confidence, but also keeps you active and energetic. Your charisma will attract others to you like a magnet and you can get a lot of things done through them. Most importantly, you will be able to fit into your favorite clothing. If you want to know more about the importance of having a great physique, read this article 10 Reasons why you should have a well toned body?

2. Take steps to dress smartly by wearing clothes suiting your body shape and structure. Don’t wear too tight or loose fitting clothes, as it will make you feel uncomfortable. Go for the right fit, and try the clothes patiently before purchasing them. Your dressing also include wearing the right pair of shoes, belts and glasses. You should really pay minute attention to your dressing.

3. Try to develop new hobbies. This will help in networking with a lot of people, and it will give a big boost to your confidence and personality.

4. Try to speak positively with everyone you meet. This will slowly shape you up into a more confident and positive person.

5. Try to develop a sense of humor, as people are attracted to those who are jovial and have a good touch of humor. Don’t be too serious and expose yourself like a nerd with glasses sticking to the edge of the nose and staring like a hard nut professor.

6. Take steps to improve your body language. Make sure you walk upright with eyes fixed straight. Look into the eyes of people who come across you, and greet them with a confident tone and smile.

7. Take steps to overcome shyness and start to get along with people. Don’t get intimidated by anybody or any situation, thereby succumbing to shyness. There is no reason for you to feel shy under any circumstances. Believe that you have everything that is needed to be bold and attractive. Kick that shyness on its face.

8. Avoid procrastination and make sure that you complete all your work and responsibilities on time, and be somebody whom others can rely upon. Maintain a daily To-Do list, and complete each and every task without fail as per the plan.

9. Invest more time in reading as you. You will get to know lot of things, and will start looking at life from different dimensions

10. Avoid loose talks and talk sensibly, and make sure that you speak the right word to the right person at the right time. Don’t dabble with sensless words which doesn’t benefit anybody. If you talk too much without a reason, you will not be taken seriously by others.


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