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Posted by on Apr 8, 2015 in Health & Fitness | 0 comments

A very important secret to overcome anxiety


“If you have nothing to lose in life, then everything is there to be gained”. I wrote this statement when I was thinking about or rather concerned about the outcome of many things in my life. A lot of times in our life, we fast forward certain events and try to predict their outcome, and in the process, our thoughts go through a vicious cycle of never ending imaginations. But, in reality, not an inch would have been moved. This is anxiety! Typically anxiety is characterized by the following thoughts

  1. You feel highly insecure in life.
  2.  You always think about the future and are worried about facing it. You think your way virtually to many years ahead of you, and try to live out that day at the present moment. This could comprise of imaginative thoughts comprising of your health, job security, financial needs and issues with relationships.
  3.  You have two contradictory lines of thoughts about the outcome of a certain event – (a) Had I not done this, Life would be been wonderful.
    (b)Having done this (this is the compulsion phase of anxiety), my life is going to be a mess.

Now let me ask you this question, Would you be anxious if you know that tomorrow is going to be your last day on this earth to live and there is no way that you can extend it? I think most of us would not be anxious if we are in such a situation because we know we cannot do anything about it. We would make up our mind to face it, and try to remain in peace as far as possible. If we can make up our mind for something extreme like this, why are we not able to fight against anxiety wherein almost nothing that we ever imagine becomes a reality? A fair thought process, isn’t it?

This is because we try to live our life by our self. We think that we are in control of everything in our life and hence everything would happen as we think.  The motivational and self-help world try to promote this concept. This is only partially true. I want you to understand a secret, which is going to blow away your anxiety. We need to have a firm belief that everything that happens in our life is controlled by our Maker. He is the one who runs the show, and if we can believe this amazing fact, we could be very much at peace with our self. If we realize this and surrender our lives to Him and allow Him to direct our paths, all our anxieties would vanish. We would only live for today and for this moment, and leave the rest to God. Very simple huh! This is what is called faith, and this is the faith that God honors.

Today we may be tormented by so many anxieties in life. It may be due to recurrent thoughts of insecurity in the job, a fear of a breakup in a relationship, or about a terrible disease afflicting us or our loved ones. Anxious thoughts are just like our itches. We start scratching them and get a temporary relief, as it itches again, we scratch one more time, and this continues till the area of itch starts bleeding.

If somebody is to undergo a complicated bypass heart surgery tomorrow, is there something that he can do about it? Absolutely nothing. All he can do is to commit everything to God, believe that the doctors would do it properly, and be peaceful. This is what we need to do exactly to overcome anxiety. Never attempt to feed your anxious mind with the food that it likes, to grow itself into a beast that would destroy you in due course of time. Let us start to live for today, and never worry about tomorrow until tomorrow unveils itself.

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