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Posted by on May 21, 2015 in Career | 1 comment

Why Am I stuck in a boring 9 to 5 job?

As I was reading through the life stories of some of the successful people of the world, that too, those who rose up in life from the ashes, a huge question started ringing in my mind making me restless. Why can’t I be one among them? What should I do to chart one such success story?

Most of the times, I feel that my life is getting subdued due to the monotonous 9 to 7 job that I do in IT. All my creativity and dreams seem to be buried inside the IT Park where I work. While I dream to fly in the sky by utilizing my talents, the situation in which I am trapped makes me feel like a bird with clipped wings.

This is the mind voice of many creative people who are stuck in monotonous grinding jobs due to various circumstances, but without their liking. Yes, when you were young, you had the zeal to work in a huge corporate setup to make many heads turn towards you. It was one great experience when you walked into your corporate job for the first time with your ID cards hanging around your neck, entering into the sprawling workspaces, corporate boardrooms, the cafeterias etc. You felt as if you have reached the pinnacle in life.

But, how is it possible that such a great feeling of excitement and joy during the first few years of work turns into rants and murmurs when you hit your mid life? What went wrong? When I sat for a while and thought about this, a different chord of thoughts struck me. I started to think that this hatred towards a routine job, during mid life is because the nature of these jobs blocks the curiosity and creativity inside you from gaining momentum.

You have so many ideas and plans. You want to venture out into a business, you want to become a musician, a writer or a poet, but your corporate life doesn’t seem to support it as you are expected to sit in your desks from morning till evening. This leaves you with no time to nurture your ambitions and passions.

One youngster working in IT told me that he really hates his job. He is just 3 years since landing into this job, straight out of college. His ambition is to become a successful businessman, but his family forced him to take this job to earn money and support the family. He needs to earn money so that his younger sister could be married. He was in agony over the fact that he had to keep coming everyday to a job which he just hates.

Another middle aged executive told me that, though his corporate job pays him a huge amount of money every month, he does not have any satisfaction in it. He feels that his identity as a creative human being is being wiped out slowly every single day that he sticks on the job. He wants to come out of it, but his loans and other commitments pluck off that thought even before he thinks of taking some action about it

Our earlier generation were very content and happy to do these kinds of jobs as most of them worked in banks, educational institutions and government offices. The setup then was different. Even then, the creative few started their own ventures and became highly successful. I know of a person who worked very hard all through his career in the government and retired without even owning a home. He wanted to play it very safe, and never thought about taking any calculated risks in life for the betterment of his family. The result, his children are forced to stick to jobs they don’t like in order to support the family.

Whenever you read the story of entrepreneurs revealing the tipping point when they took the plunge into entrepreneurship, your mind encourages you to try doing it. But, the very next counter thought reminds you of your commitments and pushes you towards the wall. It seems to you that you are locked in an inescapable prison forever.

Is there a way out to come out of this rut? Well, it depends on the kind of support and encouragement that you get from your family and friends. Someone needs to uphold you and lift your spirits. It is very much possible that anyone can become successful in anything through sheer hard work and focus. It could be your spouse, siblings or parents. But, someone needs to listen up to your situation and provide the encouragement to live your passion. Until then, keep dreaming. Never lose your interests. Your great days may be delayed for a while, but never eternally. There will be a time when you will be doing what you enjoy doing. You need to have enormous will power to sustain this, isn’t it?

1 Comment

  1. I have similar thoughts on the daily 9 to 5 job. We are just going away from our dreams with that. We fear taking risks. Our family wants us to be safe and secure.

    We have to keep our sparks burning inside. Whatever time we get, we should keep taking steps, now matter how small.

    A ship is safe at harbour but it is not made for that. We have to get out someday and start living our dreams, so that there is no regret later in life.

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