1. The start that you have for the day is very essential to keep you motivated throughout the entire day at work. You need to make sure you get up with the right frame of mind and shift to a positive mind set as soon as possible. You must do some sort of physical exercise for at least 30 minutes. This will open up your clouded mind and invigorate you. You also need to read some motivational stuff everyday or listen to a soul stirring music before starting out to work.

2. Make a list of work and non-work related tasks that you would be doing for the day. Your work related tasks would include everything from the emails that you would send, the meetings that you would attend and the actual work that you would do. The non-work related tasks would include the items that you like to do and includes your coffee breaks, the chat that you want to have with a friend, the food that you would like to try out for your lunch, the reading that you would like to do during your spare time etc…

3. You should be interested to help everybody around you so that it refreshes your conscience and brings in that feel good factor. If you have a colleague who is struggling in something that you are really good at, take your time to help them out. If you are good at communication or organizing things, volunteer to train your colleagues so that they can improve themselves.

4. If you are disappointed with the monotonous nature of your job, opt for more variety by asking for work that would keep you challenged and break that monotonous grind that is choking you. Go outside of your project and look for interesting things in your organization where you can pitch in and contribute.

5. Make sure that you take complete ownership of the work assigned to you and never make a mess out of it. The more you fail at your work, the more you will be depressed about it. Your focus should be to get all your daily work done at the earliest without committing any blunders. Always take comfort of the fact that you are paid for that particular boring task that you do, and you need to do justice to it.

6. Read the book “Quitter” by Jon Acuff. It has many illustrations on why you should hold on to your current job while getting prepared for a dream job or career. There are many who take impulsive decisions to get out of their current jobs without having any plan in place for the future.

7. Take some additional responsibilities and participate in organizational activities. This would include organizing parties in the office, conducting events, part of the organization’s social and fun activities.

8. Learn new skills that would be needed for your dream job whenever you get time. It is better to use time in this manner than just wasting it away by chit chatting or gossiping with a colleague. You can also browse through websites like howstuffworks.com to gain an understanding on various things that we use everyday. It will really make you more confident and feel good.

9. Make use of the boredom to get creative. Your boredom is a blessing in disguise as it challenges you to think more and squeezes out the creative juice inside your brains. On the other hand, boredom can actually choke and demoralize you. Hence, use it to your advantage.

10. Take regular breaks so that you can get away from your desk to get a breathe of fresh air. You can read a 5 min quick motivating article, or look at an inspiring image during the breaks to propel you for the next phase of the day. You can also try solving a puzzle that will power your brain further.

11. Take a few minutes to write down your thoughts and analyse them. You can also use this to plan out the rest of the day.

12. Sometimes it is better that you just close your eyes for 5 minutes, shut off all the thoughts and just focus on what you really want to do in life. Also, you can think about your achievements, the unique skills that you possess and be thankful for all the blessings that you have. This will refresh your mind.

13. You can also call to a friend who would inspire you and speak positive words to encourage you. It will instil a fresh doze of strength to help you move along

Note : Even after trying these out, you find yourself demotivated and unwilling to do that work, then it makes sense to plan for a job or career change. But, never do it in a haste. Plan and prepare well while holding on to the current job and make the switch at the appropriate time.