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Posted by on Sep 4, 2015 in Career, Inspirational | 0 comments

How can you turn risks into opportunities?

I was looking out through the big glass side walls of my office and saw a bird sitting on the edge of a window shade in the 13th floor of a tall building. The legs were perilously closer to the edge and there was every possibility that it might lose its balance and  fall down, but in a few seconds, the bird majestically flapped its wings and soared to greater heights as I watched it as long as it flew out of my view.

Once I had settled down, I imagined how I would have felt if I were to be placed in that position as how that bird was dangling over the edge, a highly risky position to be in and when your life is at stake. However, for the bird it is not risky as it knows how to safeguard itself and rise up from there as it has the necessary skills and abilities to fly out of that seemingly dangerous position.

It is also very similar with the risks that we face in our lives. We may find ourselves in so many risky situations at various points of our lives. Recently, I met three youngsters who were fired from their jobs for poor performance and I had a chance to speak with two of them. During our initial conversations, I found that they were completely dejected, distraught and clueless about what they would do further.

One of the guys even went to the extend of drinking heavily to overcome the pain wrought out by the situation. Here are three youngsters in a very risky situation in their lives and are not able to handle it because they did not have the confidence and ability to find another job.

The reason that they don’t have the confidence is because they are not prepared and have wasted their time without utilizing the opportunities that came their way to gain the required knowledge and skill. They are scared and anxious because they were not sure of getting another job and their entire future was hanging in a balance.

It is in this situation that they realized their problem and started working hard to enhance their skills that are required to find another job. They started to attend training programs and worked hard to make sure that they had enough knowledge to face the world and prove a point. Yes, they realized that the only way in which they could change their risky situation is by equipping themselves with all that is needed to overcome their current miserable plight.

After a couple of months, I got the news that all three of them landed in jobs that was far better than their previous ones and that they are all charged up to face anything in their work life. What gave them this confidence? It is the effort that they put in order to gain the required knowledge and skills. Yes, it is true that “without pain, there is no gain”

Life seems very tough and risky only as long as we are not equipped to handle the different risky situations that we come across. Once we take measures to learn and understand everything that is required, we are emboldened to face what may come our way. It may be with your finance, jobs, relationships, aspirations, passions or whatever may be the case, if you take the pain to learn the tricks of the trade, you will not be shaken by the uncertainties and would be ready to convert those risks to go up in life.

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