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Posted by on Dec 24, 2015 in Lifestyle | 0 comments

Everyone does these things but will never agree

1. In every home, there is a quarrel. But, people prefer not to talk about it with others
2. Every person, even those whom you consider as an epitome of sacrifice have a few selfish ambitions.
3. There are certain secret thoughts and desires inside every human mind (These desires might include every single thought which a normal human mind can perceive). Some speak about it openly while others keep it to themselves to maintain their image.
4. Every single person has the desire for money, but will say that they are not money minded
5. Most of the help done by people will definitely have an ulterior motive behind it. It will mostly be selfish. I say selfish because sometimes you do things just to feel good.
6. Everybody would have committed certain big blunders but when you commit one, they would act as if they are the smartest people on earth
7. Inside the heart, everyone want others to fail. But, will seldom reveal this.
8. If a neighbor becomes prosperous, there would always be this jealous feeling for a while. This happens to everyone, but people will act as if they are happy for others.
9. Every single soul has a bloated ego in one way or the other. You need to really analyze the motive behind their actions to understand it
10. People say that they don’t like to poke their nose into other’s affairs. But, in fact, they will only think about the personal matters of other people all the time.
11. Everyone would like to get more likes and shares on social media. Even upvotes on Quora. You know what they will say “We don’t care about what others think about us”
12. Everyone is attracted to someone who looks good, but always say “Looks doesn’t matter”
13. Everyone thinks that they are irreplaceable, but would say that they are nothing and others are better
14. Everyone gets annoyed, frustrated, anxious, angry and disappointed at various points of time. The “calm and cool demeanor” which is projected outside is not always the reflection of the internal state of mind.
The fact of the matter is every human being is weak in certain areas. Nobody can be perfect. How you manage those weak areas without revealing it to others to dent your image is the key to your survival. They call this as “diplomacy”.

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