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Posted by on Jan 18, 2016 in Inspirational, Lifestyle | 0 comments

What does various experiences in life teach you?

At times, in our lives, we are taken through a varied range of experiences comprising of thrill and joy on one side to sadness, fear, solitude and anger on the other side. The negative experiences transform a few but also shake and destroy others. How is it that certain individuals are able to withstand all the negative experiences that they go through whereas some crumble easily by its impact?
The secret lies in how you prepare yourself to face the adversities that come your way. I have seen that the most resolute people are those who keep their emotions perfectly under check. They don’t get carried away by their emotions, both positive and negative. In other words, they won’t be jumping for joy or bundle into gloom by the transient moments of life
When water dashes on a structure made of rock, it can move or displace the rock from that place, but never break it. The same water can just wash away a structure made of sand in no time and leave no traces of its existence. The secret lies in how it is built. Laying a strong foundation for life is very important in the same way as how a strong foundation for a tall building matters a lot.
What does experiences in life teach you?
1. Never be too emotional on anything – We all need to show our emotions, but in a very calculated manner. If you want to win over the world, you need to remain calm and focussed when the world expects you to be enraged. A confused and enraged mind cannot think.
2. Never badmouth anyone – We all live in a fast paced world where yelling and blatantly accusing someone is not uncommon. Be it the motorist who cuts your lane or the customer service executive who frustrates you, you have no right to bad mouth anybody. This will leave you more bruised and broken than the person who was at the receiving end.
3. Never compromise on integrity – You can stand with your head high if you have not cheated or taken advantage of anyone. Make sure you are truthful to your own conscience and follow all the rules and regulations properly.
4. Have Less expectations – You will feel broken if someone whom you have trusted much chooses to ignore you when it really matters. Always remember that nobody is obliged to help you and if they do, accept it gratefully. Learn to do things on your own. Choose to travel the tough path and don’t settle for short cuts
5. Don’t exploit anyone – There will be times when you get an opportunity to take advantage and exploit people. Never do it as time machine will pace itself in such a way that you too will be exploited by someone at a later point of time.
6. Don’t promise blindly – when you assure or promise someone, make sure that you would be practically able to fulfill it. A promise unfulfilled will create the most embarassing situation for you when you meet that person the next time
7. Be patient – This is a very difficult virtue to follow but trust me, people who are patient will definitely have the last laugh in everything
8. Avoid quarrel – Take all efforts to avoid quarrels in relationships. It is perfectly ok to go down and apologize or give up an argument to save yourself from a dampening a relationship.
9. Don’t give in to attractions – You may be attracted by a lot of things and also people. Don’t pay too much attention to it and feed your mind with unnecessary thoughts. Always remember that the more garbage that you put in, it becomes very difficult to clean it up. Why make a mess?
10. Its not the end of the road – There is always a chance to turn things around and make a come back. Don’t take any impulsive decisions in life and finish it off. Stay calm and focussed. Find the right people, be mentored and motivated by them and make a strong come back to your life
I would like to close this with an analogy. Gold is subjected to a very rigorous process and put through a very hard treatment before it glitters and is highly valued. As individuals, we too need to be toughned up and cleansed from every angle so that we become people of high value and make a great contribution to this world. Cheer up!

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