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Posted by on Jan 22, 2016 in Lifestyle | 0 comments

Software engineers need to be more smart with handling money

Yesterday morning, I stepped in to a famous vegetarian restaurant in Chennai on the IT highway along with my wife for breakfast. As it was their self-service section, I went to the cash counter and ordered 1 plain dosa and 2 mini coffees. I wanted to drink only a coffee as I had already eaten at home and wanted my wife to have a dosa and coffee. The cashier asked me to pay 136 rs and handed over the bill. I gave him two 100 rs notes.

I never verify the bills and for that matter don’t count the change received either, and I am sure this is the case with most of the people working in IT. We don’t give much importance to small amounts of money!. I don’t know why but I had an unusual glance at the two bills (one for dosa and another for coffee). It worked out to only 86 rs. I told the cashier that it is only 86, for which he said 2 dosas and 2 coffees is 136. I told him that I asked for 1 dosa and two coffees and the bill also reflects the same 50rs bill for dosa and 36 rs bill for coffee. He was stumped and asked me how much I gave him. I said 200 and then he returned back 114 rs change. You see how smart these guys are!!!! All the vice presidents, super managers etc become fools in front of them.

Though, it is a small incident, it reflects two very important things

  1. Whenever dealing with money, it is very important to verify even to the extent of a single rupee. We don’t get money just like that. It is all hard earned through long work hours with high amount of ┬ámental pressure.
  2. There will always be someone who would be a habitual cheat. They could be in the petrol bunks, restaurant cash counters or anywhere for that matter. It is our responsibility that we should not become a sitting duck in their hands. Don’t hesitate to raise your voice when you see injustice being meted out to you!

It is only because of software engineers, many of the business ventures thrive, starting from the road side tea shop to multi cuisine restaurants to those exotic luxurious furniture showrooms. I am not blaming our desire for materialistic pleasure, but advocating the importance of taking responsibility for our own money and spend it in a wise manner. I resolved to put this into practice every day so that I too become a little more responsible in matters of money!


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