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Posted by on Feb 15, 2016 in Lifestyle | 0 comments

The dangerous craving for junk food

“Kolluppu Aappam” or “Aappam high on fat”, a dish advertised prominently in a restaurant. Aappam is a south Indian dish which is considered to be very healthy as it is steam boiled in a pan. It is very surprising to see how some restaurant owners can corrupt it with fat (Goat’s fat) to make it a completely unhealthy proposition altogether.

What is even more surprising is the fact that there are people who might want to try out this dish and get addicted to it in due course of time. We are living in an era where lifestyle related diseases especially cardiovascular diseases are on the rampage especially among the younger generation. Health enthusiasts repeatedly advise people to be very careful on their cholesterol intake, but these alarms have not reached the seemingly deaf ears of many.

A day spent in the the atmosphere of a coronary care unit of a hospital would pass on one of the most important messages to this generation. If your heart gets messed up, you would have to pay for it so heavily both in terms of pain and money.

Why am I writing all these? Not without a reason. I have witnessed and experienced the damage unhealthy eating can cause to an individual. There have been days in my life where I have ate like an animal from roadside eateries, just gobbling up anything and everything. The result was a fat and ugly look coupled with stress and hypertension.

I had to work very hard to get out of this terrible habit of relishing on unhealthy and junk food. You need to jog for 15 minutes to burn out the calories added by eating a cookie. Then, I would leave it to your imagination on how much physical activity you would have to do if you eat fried chicken, extra cheese Pizza and Burger, ghee rich Biryani etc

Folks, I am not threatening or blowing a doomsday trumpet. My desire is that you have to live long enough to achieve something in this world and make your tribe happy. God has gifted us with a body and entrusted us to take care of it properly. If we deliberately keep damaging it, then the result is inevitable.

You can feed upon these cravings once in a while and I am not against it. But, if this is your lifestyle, you may have to rethink about it. Coronary bypass graft, Angioplasty etc should be the words that should come to your mind if you get tempted by these high cholesterol foods again and again.

A new wave of organic food is hitting hard on the culinary habits of our generation. I will write about it in another post. Till then, say “No” to junk food to save your heart and from breaking the hearts of your loved ones!

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