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Posted by on Mar 5, 2016 in Lifestyle | 0 comments

A very simple technique to relax

In this fast paced world, everything is based on money. The predominant reason for the high level of stress is nothing but money. “Money is like honey” for many of us, it is sweet, intoxicating, fulfilling and serves as a way to supress those inner thoughts that cry out for liberation.

How many of us take time to relax ourselves? Relaxation doesn’t mean that you need book one of those costiliest sea side castles, pack off, land there and have a great time. Even, the well planned vacations are turning out to be stressful these days. The reasons for stress are out of scope for this article, but I want to press on the need for relaxation in our lives.

Relaxation is more mental than physical. What this means is that you don’t have to be in your most cherished surroundings to feel relaxed. During relaxation, you give rest to your hard working and highly abused brain that is being tossed here and there in the context of idea, strategies, intelligence, knowledge etc…many don’t realize that these words also put so much pressure on us that we are forced to prove to the world that we are something special.

I am going to teach you two simple relaxation techniques that would help you to wind down on your stressful thoughts and feel relieved off your tension and stress. You don’t need to move away an inch from your place to do this. Isn’t that interesting? Here we go…

  1. Sit in a comfortable position, preferably in a dim lit room. Stretch your hands and legs out, close your eyes and remain silent for 2 minutes. Now, board the thought wagon that would help you to revisit each year of your life, starting from your earliest childhood day that you can remember. You need to just visualize what happened then, who were your best buddies, what you did in your school, your crushes over the course of time, your college days, those mischievous activities that you were part of. Keep travelling in your thoughts and think about your achievements during your studies, what you were good at, the appreciations that you got, your search for a job, the early years of your job….there is no limit..keep travelling till you feel satisfied. This exercise will not only help you to relax, but would act as a great self analysis tool that would unearth so many of your hidden attributes.
  2. The second trick is also simple and the physical position remains the same. Now, you need to think about your favorite vacation spot in the world. Imagine that you have checked into the best resort in that location and are being pampered in the spa or visualize yourself lying on the beach with the waves kissing your feet. Your visualization need to be so powerful that you think that you are physically present in that place for some time. I am sure you will feel a lot relieved after this.
  3. The third is also a visualization technique and the physical stance remains the same. Now, imagine you have become the person you have wanted to be. For e.g, if you wanted to become a business tycoon, visualize yourself to be one such and just keep enjoying each and every moment that you can associate with that “person whom you wanted to be”. This will help you to reduce your anxiety and feel more confident.

These are not permanant cures for any of your problems, but definitely will help you to feel good and relax yourself for some time. Try this out and enjoy your life!

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