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Posted by on Mar 19, 2016 in Career, Startups | 0 comments

Luxury in work place – Is it necessary?

I was reading through an article in a news paper on how companies pamper their staff with exotic furniture, interiors, free food and other flamboyant stuff. They had also published a few photos where the employees are seen relaxing in bean bags, rope chairs, playing indoor games and relaxing with a head massage done by a professional massageur. It was an exciting sight to watch and this might be the dream of every employee who works for an organization.

Everything looks good but the question to ponder over is this “Is it worth to splurge millions of dollars into getting this kind of infrastructure being set up?” and not every organization can afford it. Is productivity in any way linked with this sort of indulgence? We need to think deep to find an answer to this intriguing question.

These days, many companies take investor money to build their superior infrastructure. I am sure a huge chunk of the money that is being raised is being spent on infrastructure especially interiors than what is being paid to the employees. Many companies that start with grandoise and splendor in the beginning fail to last long because they did not focus much on growth and quality. All that they try is to become big too soon, attracting smart talents within a short time through their mind boggling interiors and facilities.

But the impending danger of going broke too soon is shrugged by everyone, both the promoters and employees. There are many such organizations that have not paid salaries to their employees regularly. There have been mass layoffs and firings as well. Why does all this happen? The reason is simple, everyone focusses on the short term and are looking for some quick bucks starting with investors, promoters and finally the employees.

All of them seem to forget the golden rule in business which is “If you are not providing value and great service to your customers, you will run out of business”. It doesn’t matter if you have the biggest building or the finest interiors, the customers will just walk away if you provide them shabby service.

Finally, those who get affected are the employees who are left in the cross roads, and they can only dream about those times that they indulged in pomp and splendour when their companies played high with the investor money. They keep hoping for the good times to return in their lives infinitely. Isn’t it wise to play it safe focussing on the long term? It is time to think as we see signs of a huge investment bubble that is waiting to be ripped apart.

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