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Posted by on Apr 5, 2016 in Career | 0 comments

What you can do to be successful in the corporate world?

When I was studying, I thought getting into one of those big corporates would make my life complete. I am sure many of you had that kind of a desire. Now, as we have kind of settled down in the corporate world, our thoughts and opinions have changed over the period of time. That sheer excitment during the early days is gone and we just nudge on and on to pay our dues from the salary that we get.  In this article, I will share a few thoughts with you on certain things that you can do to be successful in the corporate world

Folks, lets make our remaining days of the corporate career exciting. Ultimately, there will be pain points everywhere. You had it in your school, college and even in your family. Don’t you agree? With time, we have overcome most of these pain points, but then the one on coping with corporate atomsphere still looms large. If you aren’t smart enough, there are chances that people are going to exploit you. We are living in a highly competitive world, Huh!

Survival or showing the way?

I often hear people speaking about politics in the corporate world. You might have heard so many times that you need to bring your political skills to the core if you have to fight for survival. My question is this…”Why should you fight for survival?” Fighting for survival is for those are beaten down. Champ, you are brave to overcome all these. You need to show the way instead of rumbling over the negative atomsphere in your office.

Mahatma Gandhi said “Be the change you want to see”. You get the point? If at all there is somebody who could make your life easy in office, it has to be you and you only. You need to believe that office politics is for the losers who don’t have enough skills to face the battle head on. They bring the shield of fear and discrimination to protect their shortfalls. They are afraid that they will be stripped down fast if they don’t play dirty politics.

Here are some points to make your life easier in the corporate world. I recommend you to try these things out.

  1. Never showcase yourself to be the smartest person around in your team even though you are one! It will lead to unnecessary inflation of egos on one side and on the other side ,every nasty work will be dumped on you. Be careful!
  2. Never indulge in personal love affairs in the work place. It will showcase you as a joker!
  3. Don’t poke your nose into everything. Be contempt with what you ought to know. Too much of information will make you go mad
  4. Learn to take critisicm in a light way. If you take it personal, you are gone!
  5. Be wise enough to discern that promotions, hikes and other benefits are not in your hands. You are just an employee. Don’t think that you can always fight and win. Most of the time, you will not get what you want.
  6. Always remember that your company can go on without you. Make sure you get this point right. Don’t think you are the guy whom your company looks up to run the show. After all, don’t they have risk management in place?
  7. Don’t try to do your manager’s job. They say that you need to play the next level role for a good appraisal rating. But, where your manager will go if you play his role?
  8. Learn to accept your weakness. Don’t try to be strong in something when you are weak. You will become a clown in doing so. On the contrary, take every effort to overcome that weakness.
  9. Learn to develop professional connections at your work place. It will help you on the long run. I am not talking about that secret meeting in the cafeteria or the car park!
  10. Above all, develop all the skills necessary to do your job properly. Let your work do the talking and keep your mouth shut! This is one thing that you should never forget

Being successful in a corporate environment is all about adaptability. You need to adapt of get out, or else you will be thrown out in the longer run. Learn to remain within the boundaries of an employee and don’t get carried away by the terms like co-owners, partners etc.

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