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Posted by on Apr 29, 2016 in Startups | 0 comments

The Doc apps in India – A look at Indian healthcare startups

All of us are concerned about the basic essentials of life and they are food, shelter, clothing and the most important one of all..”Our health”.

With all the advancements in the technology, diseases are still looming large, one after another discovered every day. The importance that we give to our health is on the increase. I am sure you want to have a healthy weight, a nicer look and potentially eliminate all the lifestyle related health diseases like hypertension, diabetes, cardiac irregularities etc.

The next difficult thing on the earth is to find a good doctor and even if you manage to fine one, the wait time in the clinic or the hospital is something that all of us would like to forget. Is technology helping to alleviate these problems? After all, technology should be used to improve our lives, isn’t it?

I am sure the case is different in western countries, but India has always been a little to slow when it comes to technology adoption. The problem for it is too deep and I am not going to get into that today. But, on the brighter side, people are happy to use technology in the metros and tier 1 cities in India. The reason is simple, all of us want to get things done quickly and without much pain.

There are certain health issues that we hesitate to talk openly, even if it means meeting up with a doctor in person, and there are those that are very common where you can get medicines from a pharmacy. Now, how many of us would be happy to consult a doctor online? You just download a mobile app, sign in with your details, search for what you are looking for, get a doctor and bang go ahead and present your medical case.

The doctor understands your condition, asks you to upload a few test reports, and prescribes you medicines and schedules a follow up consultation. This is for a routine case and not for any medical emergency.

Now, applying some innovation, the app can partner with diagnostic labs and pharmacies to connect everything together. So, you have the doctor, the pharmacy, clinical and diagnostic labs connected together in one place. What is more important? Your health records are online and you will never again lose the paper prescriptions which you often misplace.

Exciting, huh? Let’s go through a few of such apps that are in India and see if they would benefit us.

Docs App

This one claims that they have 500+ verified doctors signed up with them, 2500+ labs under their blanket and have treated more than 8 lakhs patients. They also promise to connect you with a doctor in 30 minutes time.


They are similar to Docs App, but a little bigger. They have more than 90,000 verified doctors and have collaboration with top labs. They also have ventured into the other areas of medicine like homeopathy and ayurveda. Lybrate offers online consultations and you can also get connected with your doctor offline.


They are a well known platform who have signed up with lot of doctors and clinics across India. When you search for any doctors or specialists, you could see Practo right up there in the search results. They help in scheduling appointments, managing appointments, sending out alerts, helping to manage medical records online etc. They also have tie ups with lots of diagnostic labs, fitness centers, spas and salons etc


They are an online pharmacy platform and you can order medicines online and get them delivered at your door steps. They provide you many offers that is displayed on the home page. If you are busy to venture out to purchase your medicines, you can give a shot with Netmeds.


They operate on a home service based model. You can schedule a doctor visit to your home, order for physiotherapy at home etc. If you need attendants to take care of your loved ones who are ill, you can get them from Portea. They also provide elderly care, home visits for lab tests and many other services that you can check out in their website.

Well, my intention is not to review these platforms but just to shout out that they are there for your benefit. I have personally used Practo many times and found it very helpful to schedule appointments. I am going to try out the other platforms as well and will definitely review them as soon as I get a first hand look at them.

Well, let us pray God that we are off from diseases, but just to make our lives easier in the event of a health problem, let us see if we can use technology for the better.

Your comments and experiences are welcome!

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