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Posted by on May 25, 2016 in Inspirational | 0 comments

My learning from a cab driver

“Sir, I am 26 and I want to employ at least one person before I get married at 28, so that I will have the satisfaction that a family depends on me for their livelihood” said the smart cab driver in Chennai when I asked him about his future plans.

I just hopped into one of these famous tech enabled cabs in Chennai on my ride back from the office. This time,  my driver was a very enthusiastic and lively young person. Immediately after getting in, he asked me if I want to charge my mobile phone and when I said, “its ok, I have enough charge”, he shifted the topic to AC in the car saying that most of the customers don’t understand the prevailing heat wave and expect the car’s cabin to be very cool as soon as they enter inside. “Oh, they never understand it Sir, and so I always tell them that there is a small problem in the AC and I will fix it”. A super smart guy!

On conversing further, I happened to know that this guy hails from the southern districts of Tamil Nadu and he has completed his diploma in Electrical engineering and was working in marketing, sales and BPO’s before clinching onto the steering wheel for his livelihood. This was evident from his communication skills.

He has good knowledge of the US tech market as well as Tamil Nadu politics and this shows that he reads and comprehends the current affairs very well.

Now, coming to the most important point in our discussion. He told me in a very casual way…”Sir, I didn’t like the jobs that I was doing earlier because I was not able to give my 100% to it. But now, I enjoy this driving job to the core, and at the end of the day, I make good money and most importantly, I have high level of job satisfaction”.

My roommates are working in prominent IT companies and my earning as a cab driver is also matching to what they earn. But, I need to pay my monthly due for the car and take care of its maintenance. Oh, Yeah?, I said “IT employees have much more loans and unwanted expenses, and you are far better”!

He wants to close down the loan on the present car that he is driving and want to purchase another one soon. He is very thoughtful when he said “Sir, only when people are educated, their behavior will change and customer service will improve”, Truly, golden words to be remembered ever.

It was time for me to get down, but I thought to myself that this guy would one day be running a big cab service company as he has got the passion, grit and determination to do it. After rubbing my thoughts with him, I am inspired to do my work even better than what I am doing now.

As I said good bye after tipping him, he didn’t want to take the tip. I insisted that you should have it as I have had a good motivational session with you and the tip that I offer you is very less when compared to the value that I imbibed from your talk.

Let India produce more youth like this cab driver. If this happens, We can safely say that India is on its way to the elite league. Till then, let us keep motivating each other and do our work properly!



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