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Posted by on Oct 10, 2016 in Inspirational | 0 comments

How to proceed with something without worrying about the outcome?

The other day, I was eating my dinner buffet along with a few of my friends. The place was crowded and they had some awesome and mouthwatering dishes in the counter. I had soup, starters and then finished the main course. Now is the time for some exciting desserts and the spread was simply exotic. But, there were a guy behind each of those items and he would distribute the desserts to you. I had a bowl of ice cream and halwa and it was simply mouthwatering. I really wanted to go for another round but again different thoughts started to creep up in my mind.

What if the guy says second servings are not allowed and my friends start ridiculing me? I would get up from my seat and then sit back after thinking about the outcome. I did this for two or three times and then finally decided that I am not gonna go for it. I left that place in despair.

Why am I saying this? It is very much relevant to today’s topic. Let us assume that you start liking a very attractive woman and really want to take her out for a coffee. You start contemplating in your mind on how to approach her and convey your wish. You keep thinking, thinking and are going nowhere . What if she says “No” and I lose the opportunity to talk with her any further?

Finally, you muster enough courage, go to her and request her for a coffee outing and to your surprise she says “Lets go”. There you are, since you acted with courage without contemplating much on the outcome, you were able to take the woman out!

Now, apply this to every aspect of your life. If you like something and find it reasonably good to ask or go ahead, never think otherwise. Just go for it and 8 out of 10 times you will definitely succeed. It is always better to die trying rather than just relaxing in despair!

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