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Posted by on Oct 11, 2016 in Inspirational | 0 comments

When do you know that you are really matured?

There used to be this very calm and composed person whom I thought to be highly matured. I started to discuss things related to life, psychology, philosophy etc with her but none of these conversations were really fruitful. The more I tried to cheer her up, the lesser she interacted and I really didn’t get a clue on what sort of person she was.

Then one day, I saw her chit chatting on very silly and petty things with her friends. This is when it dawned upon me that people have different levels of maturity and you need to be prepared when you interact or deal with them. Would you be talking philosophy with someone who is at the level of discussing about chocolates?

There are a few clues that you can make use of to know your maturity level as well as the maturity level of those around you.

  1. Would you be able to walk away from an argument instead of going ahead with it in full throttle? Matured people know how to overlook an insult and they don’t make a big show out of it.
  2. All of us have tough times in life, but when you are really matured, you don’t show your frustration to the outside world. It all stops with you. Why should you yell at your neighbor or co worker just because you are in a bad mood?
  3. When the level of your selfishness decreases, you can consider it as a sign that you are getting matured.
  4. Do you post your feelings, moods and every other personal stuff on the social media for the world to see? You need to mature further.
  5. Do you have the habit of intruding into the privacy of the lives of others? Curious cat!. Matured people give importance to their privacy as well as the privacy of others
  6. You are matured when you realize that around 95% of the time, people would be wrong in whatever they do
  7. You are matured when you reduce your complaining attitude and start adjusting on things
  8. When you are polite and develop a genuine respect and affection for people, you can be sure that you are matured
  9. As a matured person, you are ready to face crisis in life rather than just evading them
  10. You don’t do some things just to grab the attention of others anymore because you are matured

Maturity is what makes you to take charge of your life first. Only then you would be able to appreciate others and go on with life irrespective of being approved or rejected by others around you.

I think this picture sums it all on what is maturity. You need not be too old to become a mature person, isn’t it?

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