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Posted by on Apr 8, 2017 in Inspirational | 0 comments

The Ultimate Fact about Money

Money…Money….Money, the sound, and smell of currency excites all of us. We try every possible means to earn as much as we can. Sometimes, all our desperation just leads to exhaustion as we wear us out and conclude on a philosophical note that “Well, Money isn’t everything in life” only to see ourselves riding more vigorously on the currency wave again and the cycle repeats itself!

What’s so interesting about money that we all die to have more and more of it? Allow me to demonstrate it to you with an analogy. Assume that you are driving on a highway with full fuel.


What would be your state of mind now? You won’t be bothered much about finding the nearest fuel station and would be just enjoying the journey to its fullness. On the other hand, if you are running on low fuel, you would be very anxious and would be on the look out for the nearest fuel station. You will lose interest in your journey and the worry of finding out the nearest fuel station will occupy your mind.


So, What does money ultimately allow you to do in life? The million dollar answer is “TO LIVE WITH FREEDOM”.



All of us are entitled to live with freedom and hence with a lot of money that would aid it. Just go for it!

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