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Posted by on May 3, 2017 in Personality Development | 0 comments

When life becomes a grind!

I don’t like a boring life and for that matter anyone does. How it feels to do the same things again and again? The same car to drive, the same route to travel, the same set of things to work upon at the job…the list is endless. There is a tipping point where life seems to come to a grinding halt. Have you seen those big machines start giving out some screeching sounds and eventually come to a grinding halt? Folks, if you treat your life like a machine, you need to expect that screeching sound sooner or later before it ultimately breaks down.

Everyday, we get up, pack our bags and run to work only to return back in the evening, browse a bit and hit the bed in anticipation of sleeping off soon. From the top most executive to a bottom level worker, the pattern of life is almost similar except for the expectations and desires. You know what? the more options you have, it brings more headache! You consider a beggar on the street; he wakes up, gets to a place where he can attract the crowd and boom…he gets on with his business. Some good food to eat and a better place to spend the night is all he would think about day after day as he has to fight for it.

Now, consider your life. How is it going? Is it boring and are you frustrated? How many times you have tried out different things only to hit the same spot again and again? You think you are weird? Whats happening to you?

If you get a chance, You can ask the richest person in the world about his state of affairs, he will have a similar story to tell; one that would contain frustrations of certain unfulfilled expectations and desires.

There are lot of expectations and desires inside us and as time passes by, they turn into sources of frustration. You expect someone to help you with something and when it didn’t happen as expected, you are depressed. Now, the source of your depression is the expectation that you first created.

It is better to live without any expectations in this world, be it from anyone. It may be your spouse, siblings, parents or children, you should not have much expectation that they will be with you in everything. You should be ready to face lot of disappointments in life. This is the reality.

When someone says that they don’t have any disappointments or setbacks in life, we can be sure that it is far from being true.

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