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Posted by on Jul 17, 2017 in Personality Development | 0 comments

Learn this one skill that can change your life today!

Though there are many skills that needs to be mastered at work and life, the one which stands out according to me and which can really change your life is the skill of “managing your ego”

Why it is very important?

  1. At your workplace, your ego over your boss or co-worker can ruin your career as you will never be in a position to either overlook their mistakes or listen to their criticism/feedback that would help you to improve and become better everyday. After all, who cares about “your ego” as all that matters is how flexible and adaptable you are to get the job done
  2. At your home, your ego over your spouse can lead to lot of unnecessary arguments and in the end will make your day miserable
  3. At the road, your ego over another motorist will make you lose your driving focus and end up doing stupid mistakes while the other person remains unaffected
  4. At the shopping mall, your ego over the sales person will ruin his mood and you will lose out on getting the best deal
  5. In the social media, your ego over another person will lead to heated exchanges and in the end will spoil your brand image
  6. Your ego over an interviewer will make you to lose out on a good job offer
  7. Your ego over your maid or servant will provoke them to turn up against you and spill all your secret beans to others, you want that?

The list is endless and situations can be drawn from every area of your life where uncontrolled ego can lead you into serious trouble, and thus learn to manage your ego to change your life.

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