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Posted by on Aug 24, 2017 in Lifestyle | 0 comments

Your life changes when you find real love

Life without someone to love you unconditionally is a pain. Take it from me, it is absolutely sucking to live a life without loving someone and being loved by someone. The emptiness that you feel inside is a manifestation of the void in your heart for those drops of love that your soul earnestly longs. In this post, let us take a look at how your life can change when you find real love.

Some turn to money and others to sex and other stimulants to fill this void but only find a temporary relief in them. The root cause, which is the scarcity of love still lingers on, unaddressed and looming large…

You imagine how comforting it would be if you have a loving shoulder to lean on when you are down, someone just caressing your hair, kissing your forehead and saying that everything would be alright and that they would be with you until the end.

The biggest problem in today’s world is looking for love around with a wrong intention, without considering mutual benefits and just looking at it as a narcissist. In this hi-tech era, there are enough social media and dating sites that offer you plethora of choices to bond, but not with the right intention as lust gains prominence over love.

Yes, as human beings, we have all the feelings, feelings of joy, despair, lust, love, anger, greed and what not….If someone says that they don’t have these feelings, then they should be from another world. But, how we control these feelings without harming others and derive mutual benefits out of it is what helps the most in life.

If you want love, offer love first and this is the most important secret. The world longs for love and you see people all around starved for love. Connect with people and just listen to their heart and you will find that behind the hardened countenance that they present outside, there is a very delicate being inside that longs for love.

Trust is another important factor in finding love. You need to be truthful in any relationship. What it means is that you need to really love others with an intention to help them rather than just expecting something for your personal gains.

We have an inclination to love good looking and charming people and most of the time, it is not love but lust and hence it will not last long. Go and connect with people without bothering about outside appearance or beauty and you will for sure find true love.

Not everyone is privileged with loving parents or spouses though there are a few who have this great asset. But for others, who miss out on this aspect, find someone who could love you, guide and motivate you all the time. It is a very tough world and you need love to keep going!


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