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Better life tips

better life tips

1.Be focussed on everything that you do
2.Discipline your mind
3.Never allow laziness to creep in your life
4.Always be alert and bubbling with energy
5.Stay away from negative influences
6.Be passionate about whatever you do
7.Take everything easy
8.Don’t take petty things seriously
9.Avoid quarrels
10.Carefully weigh each and every word before you speak
11.Try to make others happy
12.Give room for other’s feelings and interests
13.Become an expert in at least one area
14.Never be a burden to anyone
15.Be someone whom others would like to associate with
16.Be courageous like a lion and gentle like a deer
17.Be gentle like a deer
18.Choose the area of your passion and work on it
19.Never attempt to do anything with the sole aim of making money
20.Never backtrack from your responsibilities and commitments
21.Make wise decisions in everything
22.Never be lazy
23.Always be well educated on world affairs
24.Try to develop hobbies
25.Take time for self analysis
26.Be of good cheer
27.Be clean at heart
28.Whatever you do, do with all your strength
29.Argue only if you are right and likely to win
30.Always dress smart and to the occasion
31.Never be greedy
32.Be slow to speak and quick to listen
33.Be in good terms with neighbours
34.Never let loose talks come out of your mouth
35.Never gossip
36.Depend on God always
37.Choose the right path always
38.Always make the best use of the opportunities that come your way
39.Create opportunities, if there isn’t one
40.Learn to live within your earning
41.Never get into unnecessary debts
42.Purchase things only if they are essential
43.Always value money
44.Work to live and never live to work
45.Never make hasty decisions
46.Never live to please others
47.Forget and forgive others if they are wrong
48.Always dream big and work towards achieving it
49.Have clearly articulated goals for life
50.Try to repair situations in life, don’t break and throw away
51.Never speak when you are angry
52.Dont be anxious about anything
53.Never be a grabber, be a giver
54.Be fit physically and mentally
55.Learn to say “No” in the right way
56.Always ask questions if something is not clear
57.Work hard and smart
58.Market yourself wherever needed
59.Have variety of interests in life
60.Always respect the other person whom you meet
61.Before judging others, put yourself in that place and think what would have done if you
were them.
62. Don’t advice someone, if they are not willing to take the advice
63.Never criticize anyone by their appearance, they are precious to someone somewhere
64.Never take a prominent position in a gathering if you are not requested
65.Take one day at a time
66.Read a book regularly
67.Develop patience
68.Don’t follow the crowd
69.Dont bite off more than you can chew
70.Dont be a loner. Have a good network of friends
71.If you want to become a leader, you should be a servant to others
72.If you are wrong, accept it
73.Dont go to sleep with hard feelings on someone
74.Never pretend as if you know something
75.Don’t be aimless at any point in life
76.Always have steady thoughts
77.Always be practical in whatever you do
78.Dont ever talk in a flattering way
79.You can never satisfy everyone, show discernment
80.Security and significance is what everyone needs
81.Don’t be interested in other’s personal affairs.
82.Dont have too many thoughts at the same time
83.Always prioritize work, and make sure it is completed.
84.Accept the fact that you cannot always be perfect.
85.Dont let failures nail you down. Rise up.
86.Dont get influenced by others. Have a space on your own.
87.Treat everyone with respect and dignity
88.Take pride in your work.
89.Hard work, intelligent planning with rigorous practice will make you successful.
90.Take decisions after weighing both the positive and negative consequences.
91.Understand that there is nothing free in the world.
92.Don’t get used to too much comfort. Take the tough way too.
93.Dont let the emotions get the better of you.
94.If you can’t overcome self, you can never be happy
95.You cannot achieve everything by yourself. Consult and work with others.
96.Never bury your talents. If you are talented in something, put it to the best use
97.Money isn’t everything in life. There are other things worth doing.